Recently, we discovered an refreshingly and compelling artist. His word captured our attention, and we wanted to find out more about the person behind it. With aesthetics that stemming from his background in architecture, he expertly balances visuals, sound and poignant words. If we could describe it in a phrase it would be 'Coding Poetry'. This is Can, a Vienna based audiovisual artist, and here is a small peak into his world.

Interview by Aoife Brady


Describe your art in 3 words.

Passionate. Intricate. Void


 What piece of your work best reflects you in this
period of your career as an artist, and why is that?

Time marches on, and things are constantly progressing. Therefore, I would say that I am currently
focused on the work I am engaged in, until I transition to the next project.


Where does the phrase 'wavin in the void'
come from? How does it translate into your work?

The phrase originates from my perspective on life, and my works are grounded in my
observations and feelings. This is the essence of how it resonates with my creations.


What are some of the challenges that come
from trying to make something invisible
(like sound), visible?

The sole challenge in this concept for me, is to seamlessly and clearly bring
everything together. As I listen to music, I instinctively visualize scenes in my mind,
and when I'm creating visuals, I can hear the corresponding sounds.


You have combined songs from Amon Tobin, Burial, Aphex Twin,
Massive Attack with your visual work.
Which other music artists are in your playlist?

Music holds great significance for me, and I thoroughly enjoy analyzing various genres, including classical music, jazz, folklore, as well as more contemporary styles such as metal, hip-hop, rap, breakbeat-core, and techno...
The list goes on and on. So for now, I'll attempt to narrow down the top 5 artists I've been listening to lately:
Duke Ellington, Waving the Guns, Lamb of God, Venetian Snares, Dream Theater. These artists reflect the diverse range of my current musical preferences.


How has your work changed over time? Is there a reason for the changes?

Being an integral part of a vast social structure means that everything happening around me exerts an influence.
Where I stand, the motions I engage in—whether running, walking, or idling—each holds distinct impacts, even along the same path, owing to the infinite parameters of life.
Essentially, our choices boil down to a binary response—yes or no—to the options presented by place and time, dictating everything for us.


Tell us a little about your piece 'plain intrication 028' .
What about it made you pin this on your instagram page over your other work

I created that piece when I was feeling connected and confident. The poem I've written below the visual made me pin that post. If it brings me ease and comfort, I believe it can do the same for others.

'Flowing round, flaming hound, blissfully in love, with the sun above'.


As an architect and visual artist, you have the skills to use a variety of elements in order to stimulate the human senses.
How deep would you like to go experimenting with creative coding art?

To be honest, this is something I prefer not to talk about; instead, I aim to act upon it and present it to the beautiful humankind. My vision is to entertain people without any age, race, cultural, economic,
educational, gender, physical, language, religious, or geographical barriers.
Therefore, I am working on a concept through the synthesis of architecture, visual programming, and sound/noise design.


Berlin is a city with a thriving scene. Would you be interested in performing live here?

Berlin is one of the cities I've visited multiple times and has had a significant influ-
ence on my life. Therefore, I would love to perform live there!